Responding to a need

In response to my discovery of the need for sex education amidst my nuclear population of adolescents (the kids of some of my friends), I decided to host an informal girls’ group around the broader theme of empowerment.   I am currently in the throes of planning my agenda for the upcoming weekly meetings of this group.  Weeks ago, as the concept of hosting a girl’s group began to resonate with me, someone suggested I blog about the experience.  Blog? Me? What do I know about blogging?  Though blogging is new to me, writing is not.  In fact, communication has always been one of my strengths, most times being an asset but to some family members (and I imagine some friends as well), I am sure there are many-a-time they have wished I was not so profuse with my words.

So why blog?  My goal is to get parents and adolescent girls talking – talking with each other, that is.  I expect that the processes and outcomes from my girls’ group meetings, coupled with useful resources that I will frequently reference, and relevant topics that are in the media, will serve as conversation starters for parents and daughters to start feeling comfortable around embarrassing subjects.

I Saved You A Seat is a virtual venue for people who are looking for information that focuses on sex education and other topics which I believe are part of a larger landscape to empower girls, (middle school age, in particular).   While I am not an expert in sex education, I am passionate about public health, particularly maternal and child health – promoting healthy behaviors and the necessary education that supports it.  I hope that by sharing my own experiences and observations, it will inspire others to chime in and share their experiences as well.