Welcome to “I Saved You A Seat”

I Saved You A Seat is a concept that formed organically while a few moms chatted at a dinner party about the talks they have (or in this case, have NOT) had with their tween daughters regarding sex.  As a public health professional with a background in social work, I found this quite curious.  Upon further inquiry, I learned that talking to our adolescent girls is a lot easier said than done.  While in the back of our minds we know we want to broach the subject, finding a point of entrée poses an uncomfortable challenge for many people.  This particular group of dinner-party women represented just one drop in a bucket, barrel, sea of parents everywhere.  Recognizing the widespread need to fill the gaps of what is not taught in schools, what is not comfortably discussed at home, and what is not on the shelves of the home library motivated me to start a blog for girls and their parents.

I Saved You A Seat is a blog that addresses topics intended to empower girls to make healthy, informed decisions.  It was born to assist parents in their desire to overcome the dreaded “sex talk” hurdle,  and in fact, covers a much broader spectrum of topics.  We all want to see our children grow to be successful, independent, collaborative, competent beings.  Boosting self-esteem, teaching strong communication skills, and imparting knowledge are all components of making our girls reach their potential.  Please join us at the table; I saved you a seat.